Memory Necklace Lockets – Create Your Own

Memory necklace lockets are a must for any jewellery fan. In fact, you do not need to be a big lover of jewellery to appreciate how beautiful and precious a memory locket is. This gorgeous glass pendant necklace gives you the ability to show off a collection of charms that are unique to you.

If you walk into any jewellers or costume jewellery store, you are likely see a lot of generic jewellery pieces. From necklaces with heart pendants to diamond stud earrings, we see the same thing again and again. And, unless you are a millionaire, you probably think it is impossible to have a bespoke piece of jewellery that is just for you. Think again, as memory lockets make this possible. You can include a gorgeous assortment of charms that are suited to you, showcasing your personality and the experiences you have had in your life, as well as the precious relationships you share. Not only this, but you can even have special charms created that are 100 percent unique to you. This includes fingerprint charms, which are great for new mums. Or, if someone you love dearly has recently passed away, you can have some of their cremation ashes put into a charm so that you can carry them close to your heart no matter where you go. From heart and butterfly charms to letter charms, there is something for all tastes and personalities, making this a piece of jewellery that every woman should own.

At Encanto Jewellery, we have a stunning assortment of memory necklace lockets for sale. No matter whether you are looking for a sterling silver memory locket or one that is adorned with Swarovski crystals, you will find exactly what you need at We also have a diverse assortment of gorgeous charms for sale too, allowing you to create the perfect memory locket for you.