Memory Lockets To Celebrate Special Occasions

Memory lockets are brilliant gifts for people who are celebrating pivotal occasions in their lives. These can include births, christenings, weddings, anniversaries and special birthdays. You can buy charms that best suit the occasion and the person you’re presenting it to. However, whatever your reason for buying a memory locket and charm set, it’s important that you buy a quality piece of jewellery that’s going to stand the test of time and last as long as the memories themselves do. Don’t settle for less than a sterling silver item that will be a beautiful celebration of an event or person.

Charms To Celebrate Beginnings

Many people opt to buy memory lockets to celebrate the beginning of something. This may be the beginning of a life in terms of a new baby or it could be the beginning of a marriage as a wedding gift. Both of these are popular reasons to buy a memory glass locket. These lockets are generally embellished with crystals and can hold several charms portraying the event. This is where personalisation comes in its own. For instance, while common charms celebrating births include love hearts and initials, you can include charms that are distinctively about a certain individual, such as a charm depicting the initials of more than one child or both parents. Unique jewellery can be crafted from memories and personalities, ensuring that no two lockets need ever be the same. Similarly, it’s common for wedding memory necklace lockets or floating charm lockets to include love hearts and initials, but this isn’t a hard and fast rule. You may want to include a charm representing their shared love of animals or use a colour of crystals for the embellishment that represent a couple’s personalities. Lockets to celebrate beginnings are designed to be vibrant and full of hope. That’s why many people elect for flashes of colour that add more excitement to an elegant sterling silver locket. If you’re thinking of buying a memory locket to celebrate a beginning, take a look at the available colour options before you select one and find the best memory locket for your occasion.

Buying Silver Memory Lockets For Other Occasions

Silver memory lockets are ideal for other occasions as well as celebrating beginnings like births and weddings. They remain a popular option for partners to celebrate wedding anniversaries, providing a visual representation of continued affection that can be worn every day or for special occasions. The quality of a piece of jewellery naturally dictates how durable it’s going to be and how often you should be able to wear it without fear of it falling apart. Sterling silver necklaces remain the most popular choice on the market. This is because they are cheaper than gold or platinum, more durable and, in addition, they are easy to care for. Knowledge of how to look after sterling silver jewellery has increased in recent years and so it’s become a very cost-effective option all round for quality memory lockets. Any memory locket necklace UK wide should be bought from a supplier of quality jewellery. Online ad hoc or occasional suppliers aren’t always able to vouch for the authenticity and longevity of their jewellery, resulting in a piece that barely makes it outside the box before breaking. It pays in the long run to buy a quality locket from a reputable source as this ensures a product that will last. There are online companies specialising in memory lockets too. By focusing on this specific area, these jewellery businesses can provide an exceptional product and service. One company delivering such an excellent comprehensive service is Encanto Jewellery, a memory locket supplier based in the West Midlands.

Find Ideal Memory Lockets For All Occasions With Encanto Jewellery

Search for memory lockets and charms with Encanto Jewellery and you’ll be sure to find quality jewellery that will last a lifetime. We have specially designed locket charm sets for specific events including births, christenings and anniversaries, ensuring that you can find a locket that suits your needs and yet is still customisable. We know that good customer service is important to our customers and that’s why we strive to deliver a smooth shopping experience from beginning to end. You can learn more about our range of lockets and charms by visiting our website at and browsing our products.