Charms Sterling Silver – The History Of Charms

Charms sterling silver are widely available today. Most women own some form of jewellery that incorporates charms, from memory lockets to charm bracelets. But have you ever wondered where charms originate? Read on to find out about the history of charms.

It is believed that charms were first worn to ward off bad luck or evil spirits. They were initially made of clay, animal bones and shells during the prehistoric period. As time passed, people used wood, rock and gems to make them. There is a lot of evidence to back this up. There have been mammoth tusk charms that were found in Germany, dating back to around 30,000 years ago. These tusks were intricately carved. In fact, though, shell charms have been found in Africa that date even as far back as 75,000 years ago. Charms have had many different purposes depending on the era and the culture. For instance, in ancient Egypt, charms were used to identify an individual to the afterlife gods, and they were also utilised as symbols of luck and faith, or as a form of identification. In the Dark Ages, charms denoted family origin, as well as political and religious convictions. They were also worn in battle by medieval knights, as they were believed to offer protection. Today, of course, we wear charm bracelets because they are pretty, but also because they feature symbols that are important to us and our life, from memories we have experienced to special relationships we have.

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